Confirming your Judaism

Getting married? Need to confirm your Judaism? Read more!

What is confirming your Judaism

We are witnessing with awe the amazing gathering of the exiles to the land of Israel. Together with the Jews, coming on aliyah, a certain percent of non-Jews also settle in Israel. The incertinty of who is a Jew poses a problem which can be solved through this process. Anyone who’s parents were not wed by a recognized Israeli Rabbi must confirm there Judaism in the rabinacal court.

Confirming your Judaism allows to marry according to halacha. No other rights or obligations are effected by the process.

Judaism confirmation takes place in the regional rabincal courts, as oppsed to the conversion courts. In the same place you can also validate wills, resolve monetary disputes and divorce.

Who needs this process?

Anyone who’s parents were not wed by a recognized Rabbi in Israel.

how does one start the process?

You can open a file and set up a meeting with a specialist through the courts telephone center






What are the documents that may assist you in proving your Judaism?

Anyone who’s parents were not wed by a recognized Rabbi in Israel.

  • Id card or passport
  • Ketubah of your parents or other maternal relatives
  • Confirmation of Judaism from a court under the name of a maternal relative. This document is the one recieved upon completing this process.
  • A letter from a recognized Rabbi attesting to your Jewishness.
  • Authentic birth certificates for yourself and family members.
  • Marriage certificates of your parents, and relatives
  • Other certificates of marriage, divorce, death, adoption etc., mebership in organizations, army etc.
  • Other documentation such as Red cross documents from WWII, family pictures.

Bring all relevant documents you have.

The stages

  • Carefully fill the forms, you can download them here. Please fill all ID numbers even for those who left Israel, or passed away.
  • Any detail you add can speed up the process.
  • Send the forms and a copy of your ID via email or fax.
  • Upon recieving your forms we will contact you and make an appoitment for you to meet a specialist.
  • You must come to the beit din at the appoitment you recieved preferably accompanied by our mother and maternal grandmother.
  • At the meeting bring all the original documents. We will scan them and leave the originals with you.
  • The specialist will write his opinion and send it to the court, which will then write their decision.


In most cases you will recieve an answer the same day. Some times you will have to come again. Coming prepared with all documents you posses will save you another appoitment.

If you recieve a negative answer it’s possible to reapply to the supreme rabbinic court

For further information contact us at 1-700-501531

For any problems you can contact the department of Judaism confirmation:

Rabbi Eliyahu Maimion 076-8894788,

Meirav 076-8894787

This information is taken from the internet site of the rabinical courts, here

You can also be assisted by “Shorashim” that can help you find documents and prepare your file. here


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