AMI Conversion Classes | So close to home

What is the purpose of the conversion course?

The purpose of the State-approved conversion course is to prepare and accompany converts through their journey to joining the nation of Israel. The course covers different subjects in Jewish law and tradition, the Jewish yearly cycle, and of course important life events such as marriage and birth.

Who are our teachers?

The AMI teachers come from a national-religious background, and live within the heart of Israeli society. Our teachers have wide experience in the State conversion courts, where they are respected and appreciated.

Remember: A good teacher is not your lawyer, but your bridge to the conversion court. The Rabbinic judges’ trust and appreciation of you are your surest key to success!

Where is the course held?

Right next to your house!! AMI Conversion’s classes are spread throughout the country – from Nahariya to Eilat. The classes are placed in central locations in the cities, so that each student can find a class close to home. Looking for the class closest to you? Call us, we’re here to help you!

How long is the course?

The State-approved conversion course lasts about a year. As we said, the purpose of the course is to bring the conversion candidate in contact with Jewish daily life in general, and the Jewish yearly cycle in particular. Therefore, the course takes a year, so as to provide the candidate with the opportunity for a direct, in-depth experience of all the Jewish holidays.
The conversion classes consist of three-hour sessions, held once to twice a week.

Before coming to class I had my debates. How would I feel in a class with other people converting? I felt I didn't want to share my inner feelings with strange people. When I got there I was enthusiastic to find nice people, that were in a similar situation as myself and the teachers were so nice and open minded. The preparation for the court was outstanding and classes were so interesting that it became hard to part from them. Thank you for the best year of my life!

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