your conversion class

The class is where it all happens. No need to go to court first, just register and start.

Our classes are set in a large number of locations in Israel and offer a unique atmosphere of preparation for conversion. Our classes prepare students to appear before the Court of Conversion to complete their process. The class is accompanied by a coordinator who assists each student with their personal progress together with the teachers, which maximizes the success rate.

The curiculum consists of the core subjects of practical and philosophical Judaism. Subjects like: Shabbat, Blessings, prayers, family purity, thirteen principles of faith and much more. 

During the process along with the studies an accompanying family will assist you in your journey. Learn more about this.

Before coming to class I had my debates. How would I feel in a class with other people converting? I felt I didn't want to share my inner feelings with strange people. When I got there I was enthusiastic to find nice people, that were in a similar situation as myself and the teachers were so nice and open minded. The preparation for the court was outstanding and classes were so interesting that it became hard to part from them. Thank you for the best year of my life!

How long is the course?

Between 10 months and a year

Number of students in class

Around twenty students

Where are studies held?

In our classes from Nahariya through Eilat. See in the map bellow the closest class to you.

In what language are studies

We have courses in: Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Amharit

What are the conditions to join?

Any Israeli citizen can join.

How much does it cost?

50 NIS per month. In addition you may have to purchase some books.

Contact us

Tel. | 072-2440033