Conversion Tracks

Dear potential converts, it is important to clarify the options available to you so that you can be sure you’re on the right track

Conversion Tracks

Dear potential converts, it is important to clarify the options available to you so that you can be sure you’re on the right track.

Conversion process | The stages to success

Phase I - Decision about conversion

Chances are you have decided long ago that you want to convert, and now you are looking at the options. You may have already tried to prove that Judaism is right but did not find a way to do this, and so conversion is the only way.

Phase II - The Conversion Institute

To convert to Judaism, it is necessary to join an officially recognized conversion institute. We at Ami insure that you are in the right place. If you are not an Israeli citizen, the situation is a little more complex and you can learn about it here.

Phase III – Selecting a Path

After registration, we match you with a class or individual study in various tracks: classroom learning, personal conversion, students on campus, the International Online Classroom or route for those who already have a considerable background.

Phase IV - Study

For about 10 months you will learn according to a curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical studies. The program emphasizes successful preparation for the court.

Phase V - The Court

Studies will prepare you to face the special conversion court of the State of Israel. Conversion is of course in accordance with Jewish law - Orthodox, and recognized by state institutions.

Phase VI - Conversion

Converts to Judaism (males) undergo circumcision and dip in a mikvah. If your children also convert, they are dipped. After conversion you are registered by the Interior Ministry as Jews. Couples marry in a Jewish canopy after conversion.

The truth is I was very skeptic about studies. How would I feel sharing my feelings with others? I didn't want ayone to know. When I reached the class it all changed. I met wonderful people who are in a similiar stage and great, openminded teachers, i cant begin to tell. The prepartion for the meeting in Court was excellent, classes were so interesting it was hard to go home. Everything was professional and personal. Thanks for the most amazing year in my life.

"your class" track

Classes throught the country from Nahariya to Eilat, click here

"personal class" track

unique for Ami - personal tutor in a "one on one" meeting

"everywhere on the globus" track

not residing in Israel? need someone to teacher you online?

I have a question

everything you need to know about the process

conversion for non-citizens

find all the inforamtion about the special committee for conversion for non citizens

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