Circumcision for conversion

Following your success at court you will receive a request to check your circumcision (includes pricking blood if needing). Alternatively you will be sent to circumcise.

Checking your circumcision

If you have been circumcised, a certified Mohel from the department of conversion will check your circumcision. It’s a very short process, performed by a specialist in fitting atmosphere. If the circumcision is cleared the mohel may prick the area in order to complete this section of the conversion process.

Pricking circumcision

If you have been circumcised but it was not done for the purpose of conversion (see below) at the moment of the checking the mohel will prick the area of the circumcision for a split second. It feels like a tiny sting that is almost painless (less than a blood test). The pricking is done in front of at least three Jews and at its completion they will sign a declaration and add it to your file. You will then be ready for the final stage of immersing in the mikveh.


If you haven’t been circumcised or the Mohel referred you to renew your circumcision you will be sent to circumcision. The appointment will be set by the department of conversion (not on the spot) after processing the necessary documents.

The circumcision is preformed by a leading professor and his team in an operation room. On the big day you must bring the form you received from the Beit din and up to date blood tests and counts. You will need your Id as well. No cost involved.

In the past circumcision for adults was a long, painful section. Today as technology and science have developed and are now in service of the circumcision process, the section became a minor procedure. Some of our students drove home alone after circumcision. Nevertheless it’s recommended to bring along a companion in case of need. You are entitled for a week of sick leave after the circumcision, use it in good health!

Refrain from eating or drinking 6 hours prior to the circumcision.

Circumcision | Before and After

What should you bring?

After the circumcision

At the conclusion of the day a special ceremony takes place were the benedictions are recited and you a are named a new Jewish name!

note – you are not Jewish after the circumcision! About of month of recuperating, the seems disintegrate and then you will be assigned a time and date for immersing in the mikveh. Then you will finally be Jewish!

Throughout the next couple of weeks prefer bathing over taking a shower.

Circumcision for sake of conversion for babies

Those candidates that are give birth during the process will usually be interested in performing a circumcision for the purpose of conversion. The circumcision may be carried out on the eighth day if you wish so and up to a month from the birth. It can’t be carried out on Shabbat. The Mohel must be certified by the chief rabbinate. A list if certified Mohalim can be found in the internet site of the chief Rabbinate. Payment to the Mohel should be maid according to regulations publicized there.

The mohel has to be aware of the special circumstances say the special blessings and sign a certificate of circumcision for conversion together with two more Jews present. We recommend the Mohel R’ Uri Sabah @ 052-8977777