Personal conversion | Your private tutor

Personal conversion is an innovation in the conversion world. It turns the conversion to be a personal and family experience. In small groups with top teachers in a relaxing environment, with formal and informal study.

The teachers in the Personal Conversion accompany students from beginning to end, taking full responsibility on every student.

Important! The conversion is accepted and valued by the courts of conversion.

Who is invited to join?

A. Students that can’t attend at standard hours B. Students that don’t speak the language C. Students with specific problems D.Students that live far away E. and more…

I noticied that the more we learn the more questions I have. It becomes a daily interest, and I feel my inner stregnth growing. I was affarid that when I'm away from class I may drift away, but I'm happy to discover that it's not that way. Two months left, but I feel that's it's time to summarize. After the uplifting Shabbat we spent together, I must note your expertice, your outsdanting care and welcoming, are an integral part of my study. I want to thank you from the depths of my heart.

How long is the course?

Between 10 months and a year (like the classrooms). Usually a three hour weekly meeting.

How many students in a class

only you and the teacher

Where are studies held?

All around the globus. Just request and we will find a teacher

In what language are studies

The student can request any language

What are the conditions?

Anyone can join subjected to an interview and payment.

How much does it cost?

Registration fee + payment by the hour

Contact us

Tel. | 072-2440033