Meeting with the Conversion Court

Conversion process - the court

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Parallel to the process of learning and progress in the class are three encounters with the special conversion court.

1. Discussion and opening your file.
2. Interview with the court coordinator.
3. The court hearing.

Details of the courts

North District

Classes: Nahariya, Krayot, Haifa, Karmiel, Hadera,

7 Palyam st., Hafeniks buliding, near the government offices. You can travel there on the train or matronit 1, 2

Coordinator: Rav Schmarya Schor

Jerusalem district

Classes: Petcha Tikva

24 Kanfei Nesharim st., Givaat Shaul, Yerushalayim. You can travel there with bus numbers: 54 ,74 ,75 ,78 from C.B.S.

Coordinator: R’ Dan Zer

Central District

Classes: Tel Aviv, Ra’anana, Bat Yam, Netanya

116 Menachem Begin Blvd., 4th floor. Near the Hashalom train station.

Coordinator: Mrs. Rivka Bondi

Southern District

Classes: Eilat, Bee Sheva, Ashkelon, Rehovot, Rishon Lezion

64 Ha’atzmaut st. Kiryat Gat. Near C.B.S.

Coordinator: Rav Yitschak Ya’akobovitsch

Discussion and opening your file

After two months of learning in the class, we will set two concentrated days where the students will come for its first meeting with the court.

This meeting is to acquaint yourselves with the three judges of the special court who you will meet at the end of the process as well; this is your chance to meet them now, which will help to reduce the fear and pressure you may have of the court.

The meeting is about half an hour long up to 45 minutes. Please arrive a little earlier. Be patient sometimes there are setbacks in court. Please appear in appropriate dressing: slacks, sleeves and kipa for men, long skirts (pass the knees) and sleeves pass the elbow.

This meeting is also an opportunity to arrange the bureaucracy involved in registering for conversion. The following list of documents you need to bring with you to the court at the first meeting to open your file. Please note that is it very important to keep a copy of all documents you fill out and submit.

Interview with the court coordinator.

The second meeting is an interview with the court director. It’s scheduled about half a year after the first.  In this interview you will share with the coordinator your progress in the process and you will receive points to ponder for the continuation. Your teacher will accompany you to the meeting.

The court hearing

Finally the exciting moment we are all waiting for. Scheduled about two months after the second meeting. Invite your accompanying family, bring letters of recommendation. Your teacher will accompany you and be there with you in those critical moments.

Mazal Tov | Succes

Thank heavens you joined our nation, but it's not the end. It's just the beginning. Read all about your next steps, the circumcision, mikvah and wedding, In addition Ami's alumnus program is happy to invite you to join us for a variety of activities and classes.

This time it didn't go well

Don't feel to bad, beit hadin didn't block your conversion for ever, just wants to see your process progressing to its happy end. We are here to assist you now too. Contact our personal coordinator.

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