Conversion for Non-Citizens

Conversion for non citizens in Israel is complex. Here at Ami we are ready to assist you from the begining.

We receive many requests from residents or tourists who are not citizens of Israel.

Firstly, we would like to reiterate that the conversion process in Israel involves two governmental agencies. The Conversion Department responsible for the conversion itself, and the Interior Ministry on the citizenship process. According to Ministry guidelines, only citizens and permanent residents (with a permanent residency permit in Israel) can begin the process of conversion.

Foreign nationals Committee (Committee exceptions)

Foreign citizens who wish to live in Israel and convert can apply to the Foreign Nationals Exceptions Committee.

The inter-office Committee is composed of representatives of the Interior Ministry, Conversion Department, and others.

This Committee does not accept those of the following status:

1. An illegal alien.

2. One who has sneaked into Israel.

3. A non-citizen of Israel (e.g. Palestinian Arab)

4. A Foreign with a B/1 (work permit).

5. Temporary status A/5 less than a year.

 If you have an A/5 (permanent residency) for over a year, on a tourist visa, or a student visa you may contact the Committee.

To contact the Committee please download this document and fill it in.

The following document (view unofficial translation) lists what additional documents you may need to provide upon being summoned to an interview.

Send only the form and a copy of your passport and visa or Israeli ID to:

If you reside in Netanya or North send to: and call 04-6718104 to make sure they were successfully received.

If you reside in Jerusalem, Petach Tikva or east, or in Judea and Samaria  send to: and call 02-5099101/2/8 to make sure they were successfully received.

If you reside south of Netanya, till Rishon Letzion – Rehovot and west of Petach Tikva send to and call 03-7406100 to make sure they were successfully received.

If you reside in Rishon Letzion, Rehovot or south send to and call 08-6620900 to make sure they were successfully received.

After reviewing the forms, you will be summoned to an interview with the Regional Coordinator of conversion in the area of your residence. His impression together with original documents will be returned to the committee which can then decide to grant you permission to start the conversion studies in class.

According to regulations of the Commission, the applicant will be given an answer within three months from the date of filing the application. If the application is accepted, the option will be given for an extension of your visa until the end of the conversion process. This visa extension, of course, must be done by the applicant through the Interior Ministry and is not automatic. Only after receiving a positive response, can the applicant now register with the Conversion Ulpan. In the case of a negative answer, the applicant can appeal the decision by sending a letter to the administrator of the Conversion Exceptions Committee.

Towards the end of your conversion studies, you will undergo an additional interview with the Regional Coordinator, and in light of his recommendation, the Committee will decide whether to allow you to proceed to the Special Court for Conversion.

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