Marriage registration

All you need to know about registering for marriage. Important: until receiving your certificate of conversion it's not possible to register in regular rabbinates.

what is marriage registration?

Marriage registration is the first step in order to get married in a Jewish wedding. Every couple has to register prior to getting married. If one of you is a convert you can register in the special courts of conversion. If you have completed the process and yet to have received the certificate of conversion you can register only in the special courts.

The registration takes place in the court. The registrars are judges from the courts. In the north the registrar is Rav Shlomo Krispin, and it takes place on Thursday. In the center the registrar is Rav Moshe Veller and it takes place on Thursday. Rav Israel Glickman is the registrar in Jerusalem and Kiryat Gat.

An appointment for registration will be set following your acceptance by the court and prior to setting the appointment for the mikvah. If you are a male candidate that has to undergo circumcision the appointment for registration will take place following the circumcision.

What do you have to bring?

On this occasion you have to bring authentic documents even if their copies already exist in your file:
  • A certificate of marriage from Israel for the parents of the Jewish side of the couple. Alternatively a permit of marriage from a regional Beit-din.
  • Previous certificates of marriage or divorce.
  • Passport pictures.
  • If one of you has never been married you must bring a certificate of no marriage from the local rabbinate

Prior to meeting the registrar you have to had set a date and know who is the Rabbi who will wed you, a Rabbi authorized by the chief rabbinate of Israel, as listed in their official internet site.

Who is the Rabbi who will wed us? It’s highly recommended to request the Rav of your community to officiate at the wedding. If that’s not possible you can use “Be’Noam” or Tzohar. In addition it’s possible to get married in the Mikvah, where one of the Judges from the court officiates.

Registration for marriage costs a fee in all rabbinates. As a special gesture converts are exempted from paying the fee.

Guidance of brides

At the end of the registration you will be sent to go through a session of guidance to brides. A lady who passed relevant training will guide the bride how to conduct pure Jewish family life according to Jewish tradition. You have to attend a least eight hours of study and bring a certificate to the Rav who will officiate at your wedding. Bring the certificate also to the mikvah prior the wedding.

At the end of the registration you will receive a Ketubah – the Jewish marriage contract. Bring it to your wedding where it will be signed, together with the copy. You must return the signed copy to the Beit din.

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