Orthodox conversion

The only conversion recognized by the state and the chief rabbinate is Orthodox Conversion. Read more.

Orthodox Conversion | The traditional Jewish conversion

Before discussing Orthodox Conversion we must see a picture of other so called conversions.

What is reform Conversion?

About two hundred years ago a Jew named Moshe Mendelssohn thought up a new idea: “be a Jew at home and a person outside”. His initial purpose was to set a model that would allow Jews to take part in modern life. He started a rolling avalanche and which resulted in leaving the Jewish tradition by many. His followers are called reform Jews. There was a change in the definition of Judaism. As time went by the reform Jews stopped believing in the eternity of the Torah, detached themselves from Zionism and even changed the day of rest to Sunday. Later in history another group of Jews who accepted the eternity of the Torah on the one hand, but not those commandments that “bother” the modern man was formed. Their name is “Conservatives”.

The reform and conservative Jews see themselves as legit and they convert. According to Jewish Halachah followed by all Orthodox Jews their Conversion is void. Important to remark that conservative Jews won’t accept reform conversion.

Does the state of Israel recognize non Orthodox Conversion?

At the beginning of Zionism the reform Jews did what they could in order to prevent the establishment of the state. In addition since Orthodox Conversion is accepted by all, the state of Israel as a rule accepts only Orthodox Conversion in Israel.

What is Orthodox Conversion?

Orthodox Conversion is the authentic conversion passed on for generations from the giving of the Torah. It means commitment to the Torah commandments and Torah way of life. The conversion is carried out by a kosher court that consists of three committed judges. In Israel the chief rabbinate is the main Orthodox Conversion. Abroad several courts are recognized by the chief rabbinate. Preparation and study are held in different conversion institutes. Ami, headed by Rav Drukman, emeritus head of Conversion department, is the leading institute of study in Israel and abroad too.

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