Giyur Cahalcha

All the information on conversion to Judaism according to Halachah

What is Giyur Cahalacha?

Halachic conversion compiles with the conversion process as passed down from one generation to the next, since the giving of the Torah. The Maimonides, one of the most prominent poskim and great Torah luminaries in all generations writes as follows (book of mishneh Torah, kedusha, isuerei biah chapter 13):

A. It was in three steps that the people of Israel joined the covenant: circumsicion, dipping in the mikvah and bringing an offering.

B Circumcision took place in Egypt as the verse states “non-circumcized shall not eat it”, Moshe our master circumcized them, since aside the tribe of Levi they were not circumcized and that is what the Torah states about levi: and your covenant they kept.

C. Dipping in the mikvah took place prior to the Torah giving as it says: Sanctify yourselves today and tomorrow and immerse your clothes, and offering as said: they sent the youngsters of Israel and brought offerings, they brought offerings for everyone.

D.So in all generations when a gentile would like to join the covenant and rest under the wings of the heavens, and acknowledge the yolk of Torah he ought to circumcize, dip and bring the offering and if it’s a women dip and bring an offering as the verse states: Like you are the converts. Like the Jewish people circumcized dipped and brought offerings so the convert for generations will circumcize, dip and bring an offering.

The Rambam teaches us that since the giving of Torah in Mount Sinai any individual that joins the people of Israel has to first agree to the yolk of Torah, circumcize and dip and all this in front of a court. For so many years the Jewish codecs have demanded all these stages, and this is the practice followed by Orthodox courts worldwide, as well as the chief rabbinate of Israel.

Years of experience in Conversion can tell that one of the most important questions you must ask is this Conversion recognized and make sure it’s Orthodox and recognized by the state of Israel too. For you and for the next generations. Halachic conversion today is carried out by the official courts of Conversion under the auspices of the chief rabbinate of Israel. Prepare and study towards conversion in the Ami Conversion Studios the leading ones in Israel!

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