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The court sitting


Marriage Registration

Immersing for conversion

Jewish wedding

The court sitting




Marriage Registration


Immersing for conversion


Jewish wedding


The Mikvah

Mikvahs of highest standards are rented by the department of conversion. The water in the mikvah is changed regularly and constantly filtered. The rooms of preparation for the mikvah are newly renovated to high standards.

Immersing in the mikvah for conversion is done in daylight as opposed to regular immersion done at night. Immersion can take place any day for men and any day a woman is not in her monthly period (no need for “Seven clean days” even for brides.

What should you bring



It’s a good idea to have a chaperone on this special day. The candidates must show the form that received in court and their ID. At this moment you have to say what will be your new name (if you didn’t do so earlier). After registration you will enter the room of preparation for immersing.

The form from the Beit Din is valid for a month for singles and for two months for couples
If your form is invalid you will have to return to Beit HaDin for another session.

Preparation for immersing

When one dips in the Mikvah he has to dip his entire body so anything bothering must be removed. The water “erases” the past and we are now ready for the marvelous future!

In order to make sure nothing is bothering one must clean himself for anything possible:

Clip you nails, brush your teeth, including dental floss. Remove all Jewelry, makeup, cosmetics and anything else on your body. Hair must be separated prior to immersing therefore dreadlocks must be cut.

A full bath must be taken prior to immersing at home or in the mikveh building, to remove all dirt and comb hair so no tangling hair will be there.

Nails: must be complete. Nail polish removed, other permanent treatments renewed right before the immersing.

Immersing in the mikvah

Immersing is done in maximum modesty, defending your privacy. Women will dip the first time in front of a lady, in order for her entire body to be wet. She will then proceed to slip into a wide robe, and return into the water with only her head above water.

The door will open and the Judges will peek in to see the women’s head.

The candidate will repeat her oath to follow the commandments full heartedly and dip into the water once more.

A male will dip only once in front of the judges.

Mazal Tov! We’re so excited, you’re Jewish now!

After immersion

You will be instructed to recite “Blessed are you, G-d almighty, king of the universe that sanctified us with his commandments and commanded us to immerse”.

Returning to the preparation, get dressed. It’s recommended to bring a new garment or Jewelry and after exiting the room, wash your hands and recite excitedly:

Blessed are you G-d almighty king of the universe who gave us life and sustainment to this day”.

Recite the morning blessings, blessing of the torah, (for men: done Tefillin) recite Shema and morning prayers (if time has not passed).

Take a day off! Spend the day with prayer, study or visit our sacred landmarks: western wall or tomb of the patriarchs. Had you put up Mezuzot during the period pf study please reinstall them with the proper blessing.

Marriage after Mikvah

Those who choose to wed after Mikvah will wait for the end of the immersing of all candidates for the day (approx. 12:30 pm), then wedding ceremonies will take place. It’s a very exciting event. Background music. dancing and singing, After all the ceremonies all the bridegrooms will come to recite the remembrance of Jerusalem and all will enjoy refreshments brought by the couples.

Don’t forget the wedding ring (bought by the bridegroom) and the Ketubah you received when you enlisted for marriage.

Conversion certificate

A few months after the mikvah you should receive the conversion certificate via mail. Sometimes you will get phone call to pick it up from the Beit din. By patient! it takes time. If four months go by and nothing happened it’s wise to find out whether it got lost in the mail.