Final hearing

At last it’s coming! The day we were anticipating the whole year. Study and preparation, Sbabbat, trips and all. All those exciting experiences at home, class and synygogue. Finally the day has come. The meeting is so exciting, Each one of the students is designated an hour. The entire class comes on the same day escorted by their teachers. Invite your adoptive/accompyning family to jon you.

How does it work?

At the designated hour (there usually are delays) the judges read your file, that consists of the documents you submitted and a summary of the previous meetings with the court. Also: letters of recommendation from your teachers, accompanying family and more.A few minutes later you will be invited to enter accompanied by your family and teachers. Many times the Court will want to speak to your teacher or family alone first. You have the right to have someone with you at all times in beit hadin. The judges will discuss the changes the took place in your life as a result of the process and try to get a vivid picture of your present Jewish lifestyle: Shabbat and holidays, blessings and prayers, kashrut and modesty, basics of Jewish phylosophy and history.

How is the decision made?

After all the discussions the judges will privately discuss your case. You, the family and your teachers will impatiently wait outside. HERE IT COMES! Mazal tov! you passed! Excitement, tears of joy. Rise to make your commitment. The judges will read out, and you will repeat: I am committed to follow all the commandments from the Torah, all the commandments from the sages and all the righteous costumes of the Jewish people. I believe hashem is one.


After your commitment

The secretary will make you an appointment for circumsicion (men) marriage registration (couples) and mikvah dipping.

Turn down

Sometimes the judges are not satisfied with your progress and will ask you to return in a few months. You will receive a written decision from the secretary. Don’t despair Ami is with you at this moment too, and we will do our best to help you succeed next time.

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